William Hurt

 Oscar-winning actor William Hurt, actor of Broadcast News, Body Heat and The Big Chill, has passed away today.

Hurt passed away on Sunday of natural causes. In a long-running career, Hurt was nominated for an Academy Award three times.

 Hurt quickly emerged as one of the most prominent men of the 1980s, after making his on-screen debut in the 1980s Paddy Chayefsky - Altered States as a psychopathologist.

Hurt played Vietnam War veteran Nick Carlton, and Hurt also starred alongside Kathleen Turner in Lawrence Kandan's steamy 1981 film Body Heat.

After starting out in the New York theater, Hurt then returned to the stage to star in Broadway in Hurly-burly (for which he was nominated for a Tony Award).

 Soon after came Kiss of the Spider Woman (for which Hurt won a Best Actor Oscar for his role as a gay prisoner in a South American dictatorship).

Artist William Hurt previously told the New York Times, “Acting is a very private and intimate thing, the art of acting requires as much solitude as the art of writing. Yes, you bump into other people, but you have to learn a craft, a technique, it's business. There is this The strange thing that my portrayal is supposed to be is this clamor for interest in my person, as if I needed so much love or so much attention that I would give up my right to be a private person.”

 Albert Brooks tweeted: "So sad to hear this, it's been amazing working with him on Broadcast News, we'll miss him so much." Where Brooks was the director and co-star of this program.

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